It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

November 18, 2012 Book Talk 8

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to have a week off from school!  As much as I’m enjoying the learning process, I miss my blog, bloggy friends, and READING books for pleasure and not a test! Thank you for sticking by me, even during slower periods!

My stack of to-be-read books has toppled over and the next to read book ended up shuffled to the bottom and vice versa – it is a glorious book domino disaster.  But, that simply means I can close my eyes, stick my hand into the pile and pick the next book with ease.  Love those moments!  I do have a stack that I’d like to get through this week:

 Israeli soldiers speak out for the first time about the truth of the Palestinian occupation, in “one of the most important books on Israel/Palestine in this generation” (The New York Review of Books)

With everything we hear on the news about the goings-on in Israel, I feel like this book will give insight into the hearts and minds of those experiencing war on the frontline.  I’m looking forward to getting into the meat of this one – I hope it lives up to expectations.


What if Pandora’s Box were real? Rogue special-operations agent McCracken has never been shy about answering the call, and this time it comes in the aftermath of a deepwater oil rig disaster that claims the life of a onetime member of his commando unit. The remnants of the rig and its missing crew lead him to the inescapable conclusion that one of the most mysterious and deadly forces in the universe is to blame: dark matter, both a limitless source of potential energy and an unimaginably destructive weapon.

My first introduction to special operations agent McCracken and I’m hoping this one will be a winner – finding new authors to read and enjoy is a definite pleasure!


Ace has left the tiny Mississippi town of Bugtussle for the palm fronds and mojitos of Pelican Cove, Florida. She’s finally opening her long-dreamed-of art gallery, is kick-starting a life with her fiancé, Mason, and has vowed to leave her straight-talking, sassy ways behind her. From now on, she’s going to be as sweet as sugar. Unfortunately, something comes along to sour her plans.

Mad Fat Girl had me laughing out loud so many times that my side hurt by the time I finished.  Diving into Ace’s crazy life always makes mine feel tame!


Those are my book-reading goals for the week…of course I didn’t include the ones the little guy and I will be reading but I’ll let you know what his 16-month old thoughts are too.  What’s on your agenda for the week? Any new books out there on the horizon for us to look forward to?

Hope it’s a bright, sunshiney day for you.  Happy Reading!

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  1. Kathy J

    Interesting reads! I like the “What if Pandora’s box were real” concept. Hope you enjoy!

  2. zibilee

    I am about halfway through Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, and hope to be reading the new Buaermister later this week. There are so many great books on my stacks, so that plan might change!

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