8 Book Gifts for the Serious Bibliophile

December 4, 2012 Book Talk, Holidays 10

There are so many wonderful gifts for the book lover in your life (including yourself)….I’ve included my top favorites that I’ve found to be the most interesting and useful of gifts.  In no particular order….

iPhone Case Available for $59.99

1.  My personal favorite ~ the BookBook Case!

My middle child gave me the BookBook for my iPhone and I love it! Now I don’t have to carry a wallet ~ I have my phone, id and credit cards all in one case ~ tremendously helpful….not to mention the unique factor!  There are cases available for the Mac & iPad. For more information check out Twelve South.

Available for $9.99 for 100 darts.

2.  Book Darts.

Rather than highlighting, underlining, dog-earing, bookmarking, etc. etc. these little darts easily slip onto a page.  Great for holding your place or marking a quote. There’s even a selection for marking passages in the Bible.  Neat little store!  Available from bookdarts.com

Touch Gloves begin at $24

3.  Touch Gloves.

Do your fingers ever get cold while reading? I know mine do ~ especially whenever winter finally rolls in (it was 74 degrees here today!).  For those with an eReader, wearing gloves is not really a good solution….until now ~ these gloves are made to work on electronic devices ~ just slide your thumb or forefinger across and voila!  Visit Echo for additional selections.

Book Purses begin at $140

4.  Book Purse.

This one is definitely on my Christmas List!  The Etsy store of Rebound Designs has numerous  titles available as book purses, and iPad, Nook, and Kindle covers.  There are so many great books to choose from that I’m having a difficult time deciding if I want the Nancy Drew, Jane Austen, Frankenstein or Alice in Wonderland purse!

Novel Tea Box $12.50/Single Pouch $2.50

5.  Novel Tea

I purchased the Novel Tea last year for Christmas gifts and was thoroughly impressed with the Bag Ladies Tea Company! The tea is a rich-bodied black tea and the quotes on each of the bags never fail to bring a smile to my lips!  A must for any serious reader who enjoys a hot mug of tea with their novel.

Posters range from $23.99 – $59.99

6.  Postertext

To help me remember to keep the heart of a child and the mystery of Neverland, this Peter Pan poster is perfect for my wall!  There are several books to choose from and all include the full text!  So what’s your favorite Classic?  Look up Postertext and I imagine they’ll have your classical fave.

Mug $12.95.

7.  Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug

Do you have a favorite first line?  I imagine it might very well be on this mug! “Call me Ishmael.” “It was a pleasure to burn.”  “Marley was dead to begin with.”  And just for fun, check out the Bas Bleu site ~ it’s a treasure trove of interesting gifts for any book lover!

Target $19.99

8.  Bed Rest Pillow

I don’t know about you but on those days/nights that I read for hours upon hours, my back and neck hurts.  One of these bed rest pillows would sure make a sweet gift! Do you have one? Do you like it/use it?  This particular one comes from Target.

Do you have a favorite book lover gift you’d add to this list?  Have you received or given any of the above items?  What did you think?



10 Responses to “8 Book Gifts for the Serious Bibliophile”

  1. JoAnna Jackson Garnto

    Stacy what a great gift guide! Thanks for sharing! I’m interested in the teas…very cool idea. I actually have a pair winter gloves that work with the iphone. So nice not to have to get your hand out in the cold 🙂

  2. BermudaOnion

    I have touch gloves and their terrific. My son swears by book darts – they’re the only bookmarks he uses. I love that iPhone case but I use my phone so much I wonder if it would be practical for me. Great post!!

    • Stacy

      That’s great to know about the touch gloves! And I love the book darts too ~ so handy in several ways…
      The one problem I’ve had with the iPhone case is when I leave it in the case while i’m on the phone then my face hits either the speaker or the mute button. Otherwise I love it 😀

  3. Stacy

    Yup! The touch gloves are definitely unique! When I first saw the gloves I thought what in the world will they come up with next?!? Then I thought it would be really cool on those long nights of reading in a cold bedroom and rather than ducking under the covers to read and warm my hands…I can just wear gloves! Then I thought “crap! why didn’t I think of that!”

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