Questions for the Experts!

January 25, 2013 Book Talk, OHH! 9

Used with permission from CartoonStock

Used with permission from CartoonStock

With all the social media out there do you sometimes have a hard time figuring out what exactly to put on your blog?

For example ~ are you on Pinterest? Goodreads? LibraryThing? Twitter? Facebook? ReadItForward? etc. etc.

So how do you determine what to put on which social site? AND especially, making the time to post anywhere?Ā  Please share some of your best tips for organization and time management.Ā  I am falling apart at the seams wondering how to keep up with it all! AND time to visit all the wonderful blogs out here in the blogosphere ~ there’s so much good information, recommendations and just plain fun posts to read. But where’s the time? Can we add about 12 hours to each day?

Any and all suggestions and commiserations will be greatly appreciated!

A tsunami hug to all!




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  1. patricia harman

    My facebook comes in with my email, so I look at as I go. I have 5 facebook pages. 3 for each one of my book, then one for friends, one author page, so that’s a lot. I use Hootsuite to reach out and when I send a message through hootsuite it goes to all my pages, plus twitter and linkedin. I try to send something useful about health or the environment or something inspiring,something that will make someone’s day better.

    • Stacy

      I really like that you send out inspiring and helpful messages ~ some of the stuff out there on twitter and fb gets to be so negative and gossipy. Thanks for sharing your suggestions!

  2. Patti Smith

    I find it difficult to balance the time necessary for all the social media outlets as well. Facebook is my least favorite bc it can suck me in so quickly and I’ll find myself still scrolling through new posts a couple of hours later šŸ™ I don’t mind getting lost in the blog world for a couple of hours…but FB? I start off my mornings checking the blogs I read every day, but I try to check FB only throughout the day via my Iphone when I only have a few minutes to spare…that way it’s impossible for me to waste time on there. I do the same with Twitter even though I don’t get so lost there for some reason. I check Instagram once a day…right before my afternoon nap :p I try to turn the computer off completely by 9 p.m. or else I won’t get any reading done…and that, is my most important task of all. The only time I’m blogging later than that is if I’m preparing a review for the next day. It’s definitely a juggle, but I think everybody just has to prioritize by what means most to them šŸ™‚

    • Stacy

      Ahhh, Patti, thank you for sharing your organizational/time management tips. I do mine a bit similar in that I typically check FB on my phone so I don’t get caught up in all the drama, etc. that goes on there. I should do the same thing with Twitter ~ I have hootsuite on my phone, just never know what conversation to jump into, or quite what to say on there!

      Blogging ~ there’s so much I WANT to say but when I sit down to finally put my thoughts together…well, that’s when family is wanting time, inevitably! I keep telling myself, 3 more months of school, and then life will slow down and I can get back to reading and blogging like I want to!

      I love your hard and fast rule about shutting the computer down by 9 pm. That’s supposed to even help with sleep ~ unplugging a couple of hours prior to bed. But as you can see, it’s 9:13 pm here and I’m still on the computer! One step at a time….Thanks Patti!

  3. Jenners

    I focus on my blog and share my book reviews on Goodreads, LibraryThing and Shelfari. I have my posts automatically go on Twitter and Facebook for people who like to read there. Pinterst is just for my own personal use ā€¦ I don’t link my blog to it. You can only do so much so I just pick one (the blog) and focus on that.

    • Stacy

      And what a fantastic job you do that too! Yours is in my top 5 favorite blogs! I love your voice, respect your advice, and find that your reviews are pretty much spot on. I’m impressed that you add your reviews to all three sites – goodreads, librarything and shelfari! Very cool! And yet another reason to be in awe of you šŸ˜€

  4. Stacy

    Thank you sweet Juju! You always have the best advice….overall, that’s what I’m getting ~ prioritizing what means the most to me….now….is my favorite reading, blogging or visiting?!?

    Although sometimes it is nice to not be all involved with fb and twitter then I don’t get caught up in the drama of the blogosphere.

    Thanks so much my dear!

  5. Alexis @ reflectionsofabookaholic

    I think you should focus on the social media that helps in your goals. I update Goodreads because it helps me keep track of certain things. I also have a twitter but only tweet sparingly. I don’t join any social media just to join it. I will say that I prioritize updating my blog and visiting other blogs.

    One thing that helped me is that I joined one thing at a time. I didn’t add anything onto my plate until I figured out how to make what I had going on work for me. Sometimes it is just a matter at getting efficient with things. I didn’t even realize that I did so much until a family emergency took me away from it all. It was so hard to get back into gear.

    I hope that helps a little bit šŸ™‚

  6. Matthew

    There are to many options to choose from. Better to pick a few that work well for you and focus on them. Still have to find time to write.

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