Saturday Snapshot: Vacation!

Ahh, the sweet taste of salty ocean air, melting ice cream and sand between the toes! Vacation time  in Pensacola Beach, Florida. . .can I just stay here forever?!?


Air-conditioned Ferris Wheel!

Air-conditioned Ferris Wheel!

Sugar-white sandy beaches!

Sugar-white sandy beaches!











What are your summer vacation plans?!? Are you a beach bum, city slicker or mountain native for “best place” vacation?

Alyce at At Home With Books hosts the Saturday Snapshot.  For more great blogger pictures, please visit her site!

Happy Weekend!




  • rhapsodyinbooks

    I can see why you wouldn’t want to leave! :–)

  • laurelrainsnow

    I want to go there! I can feel the sea breezes….thanks for sharing.


  • BermudaOnion

    The Gulf coast beaches are gorgeous! I like the beach and the mountains but love the city!

  • Bellezza

    I’ve never been to Pensacola as we normally stay in Naples when we go, but I can surely see why you’re entranced with it!

  • talesofwhimsy

    FABULOUS. I like the mountains. But then again I love the beaches too. So glad to see you’re enjoying the gorgeous waves and sun.

  • Patti Smith

    air conditioned ferris wheel????

  • Gautami Tripathy

    Great vacation photos!!

    Here is my snapshot post

  • Diane@BibliophilebytheSea

    love the colorful sign. i use to travel to Pensacola on business.

  • mdott922

    That looks like great fun! I want to go there!

  • Brona

    Very jealous…our summer holiday plans are 6 mnths away in Australia!
    Instead we have a weeks holiday planned next week…to Canberra – probably the coldest city in the country – for a soccer tournament! I hope to fit in a trip to the Art Gallery to see the Turner exhibition while I’m there though :-)

  • Joan Schulhafer

    Enjoy!!!!! Looks and sounds great!

  • Lisa Garrett

    I live here and we call this beach paradise. They are about to move that Ferris wheel to Atlanta however. Come back soon!

  • Sheila (Book Journey)

    Looks wonderful!

  • juliuseloke

    Real fun, I guess!

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